Updating an Existing AUR Package File for Arch Linux

Flag the Current AUR Package as out-of-date

Login to the AUR website and flag the current package as out-of-date to ensure everyone is aware of the package status.

Download the Latest Version of the PKGBUILD File

As an example when using the yay AUR helper, execute the following command to download the latest version of the PKGBUILD file.


Update the Relevant Elements of the PKGBUILD File

For example update the version number via the pkgver variable.

Generate All CHECKSUMS and Insert into the PKGBUILD File

Use the below command to generate the required CHECKSUMS.

$ makepkg -g -f -p PKGBUILD

Update the CHECKSUMS within the PKGBUILD file where appropiate.

If Required Download all AUR Dependencies

Ensure all dependencies from the AUR are accounted for by downloading them, for example:

$ yay -S PKGNAME

Use makepkg to Install the Package with all dependencies from pacman

$ makepkg -sri -p PKGBUILD

The package should now be installed to your PC, please consider sending the current maintaner an email with the updated code with a request to review and update of offical PKGBUILD file.

You'll only receive email when they publish something new.

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